Our staff at the annual HIV conferecne 2018
Interactive board games for drug education created by Gang Saa
Radio program
World AIDS Day event 2018 at Maharaj Hospital

With 27 years experiences in conducting HIV research including HIV vaccine, HIV biomedical prevention

and treatment in various populations to develop academic knowledge on HIV / AIDS,

we have worked in collaboration with leading international research networks and other domestic agencies.

Our diverse research programs are up-to-date with present situation and necessity of knowledge both nationally and globally

We are ready to expand our field of expertise to other challenging infectious diseases and substance use


Research Studies Currently Underway

To learn more click Study title (to visit webpage) or Study snapshot (in Thai)

What Do People Who Practice Anal Sex Desire for Preventing HIV?

Rectal douche
Rectal suppository
Rectal insert

What the body of HIV-infected adolescents do to these new drugs? Are they safe for this population?

Doravirine (DOR)  and

Doravirine, lamivudine, and

tenofovir disoproxil fumarate

fixed dose combination (DOR/3TC/TDF)

JNJ-53718678 is an investigational respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) specific fusion inhibitor.

This study wants to evaluate the antiviral activity, clinical outcomes, safety of this new drug in children age ≥28 Days to ≤3 Years with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease

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Research Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University
110 Intavaroros Road, Sriphum, Muang
Chiang Mai 50200 THAILAND
Tel. 66 5393 6148

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Welcome our international visitors
to PIMAN clinic

May 14, 2019


"Alcohol in safe city" first launched  in the Safe Zone for All exhibition at CMU Art Center

November 01-02, 2019


HIV RUN 2019

December 01, 2019

World AIDS Day event

Communities Make The Difference

December 03, 2019

Gang SAA go to

the south

January 08, 2020

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