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NEW Family Clinic 

February 01, 2021: The Family Clinic has been reopened following extensive renovations and expansion.

The 227 square feet waiting area has air-conditioner, portable HEPA filter/Air purifier, registration counter, laptop, two sofa, two stools, one desk, television, photocopy machine, and beverage corner.

There are three exam/couseling rooms and one smaller exam room in the Family Clinic.

Each exam room is furnished with patient bed, a physician’s desk, chairs, built-in wall cabinets for medical equipment and blood collection kit storage, air conditioner, HEPA filter, one general waste bin, one medical waste bin, and a running water sink.

The clinic is currently serving the participants from the IMPAACT 2019, GS-US-380-5310 and MK8591A-028 study.

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